European Education Partnership membership benefits:

  • Being seen by the top UK and European ICT-in-education policy makers, purchasers and managers as an innovator able to practically help educators achieve more effective education and learning.
  • Promotion of the increase in learning stimulated by Members' products and services and their value to teachers and learners.
  • Links to Members' own websites and related sites of excellence from several parts of the E.E.P. Innovations Service.
  • Members have a company/organisation profile, links pages and Innovation Profiles on the web site (Members paying 1500 euros subscription have higher profile visibility than Members paying 250 euro subscriptions.)
  • Meetings to share views between members, and to set agendas for discussion with national, regional and local policy makers and education leaders. (Sustaining Members have preference in these activities.)
  • Bulletins detailing E.E.P. activity and flagging issues of importance.