Company/Organisation Profile

A VLE developed for schools/colleges everywhere

Digitalbrain was developed as a content creation, communication & knowledge sharing platform for schools. The vision is for a centrally hosted, lifelong learning environment developed and used in partnership with schools, regions or countries. The service is available anytime, anywhere and in any language.

There is a different but related platform used for eCity developments designed for SMEs and local Government services.

Digitalbrain has a client list which includes over 40% of UK schools.

  • The London Grid for Learning (all LEAs and 2700 schools)
  • The East of England Broadband Network (E2BN), comprising another 3000 schools.
  • Nottingham City
  • Rotherham City
  • Blaenau Gwent a Local Education Authority in Wales have adopted the full Learning Manager solution in every school.
  • Digitalbrain has been commissioned by LGFL/DFES to develop, deploy and maintain the Managed Learning Environment for Gifted and Talented (GAT) students and for teacher Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in London. This high profile project is part of the 10m 'London Challenge' project funded by the DFES which aims to revolutionise education in London. GAT coordinators will be appointed at every London school and LEA. The aim is that 10% of students at every London school will join the programme and all of their learning will be managed through the db LGFL MLE, where imaginative learning programmes and learning options will be available and managed.

The MLE will be a major upgrade to the existing service to LGfL and will include:

1. New user profiling (e.g. to determine learning style, skills gaps)
2. New Individual Learning Plan application
3. New Record of Achievement application
4. New voice over IP, video conference, whiteboard and application sharing virtual classrooms
5. db Asset Repository, accessed for example, from within LO/adaptamation via browse for easy insert of media
6. Mixed Media/Real Player Presentation style synchronised presentation builder/editor.

  • Newcastle-upon-Tyne is to become the first eCity in the UK. will provide innovative services to all SMEs and local Government.