Company/Organisation Profile


Systime is a Danish educational publishing company with 26 years of experience in developing educational material, primarily for youth education (upper secondary level).

Systime's production involves traditional as well as electronic publishing which means that we produce printed books as well as e-books and web sites, along with other interactive learning solutions, distributed via our e-keys that allow the user to access electronic material. Each publication involves a tailor-made combination of several media. Since its foundation Systime has explored the many possibilities offered by new technologies, making Systime the publishing company with the longest experience in developing electronically based educational material in Denmark.

As a publisher, Systime aims to situate itself in a process of perpetual change, in order to accommodate, facilitate and, indeed, initiate innovative efforts in the field of teaching and learning. At the same time, Systime at all times aims to establish a collaborative relationship with our authors, being a professional dialogue partner to the author(s) of a given product throughout the entire process of its realisation. The world of teaching and learning is constantly evolving, and so is Systime.