Company/Organisation Profile
Sparrowhawk & Heald


Sparrowhawk & Heald specialise in Education and ICT and offer a range of services including:

  • consultancy and project management
  • focus group research of products, markets and ideas
  • writing and managing educational content for a variety of media
  • origination and management of CD-ROM and web site development
  • reworking existing educational content for web sites and portals
  • digital questionnaires to teachers for market and product research
  • localisation and evaluation of projects and products in schools.

Our team is based in Cambridge and we have a wide network of teachers and education consultants working throughout the UK. Our Clients include a range of small and large companies and educational organisations including BBC Education, BECTa, BESA, Channel 4, Motivation in Learning, OUP, Pearson Education, Riverdeep, Smart Learning and Transware.