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Capita Education Services

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Capita Education Services is a leading supplier of management information systems (MIS) and services to schools throughout the UK. SIMS .net (Schools MIS) supports more than 22,000 schools in the management of day-to-day responsibilities, administration activities and evidence based decision-making.

SIMS .net Learning Platform extends the reach of SIMS .net to support continuous school improvement. It is a managed learning environment for developing and delivering internet-based learning activities, supporting schools in their ability to deliver personalised learning through a wide range of projects, strategies and initiatives. SIMS .net Learning Platform is an innovative curriculum based solution, which empowers teachers in delivering learning anytime and anywhere.

Capita Education Services will be soon launching Curriculum and Lesson Planning software that will also include the provision for teachers of all the National Curriculum and QCA schemes of work. The functionality will directly support teachers in delivering their classroom teaching, especially where they also have projectors in the classroom.